Self storage in Worcester, Kidderminster and Stonehouse is becoming incredibly popular as it satisfies the basic need for space to more complex life changes like moving to a new home. Whatever your reason, there is no doubt that self storage can take a weight off your shoulders and give you peace of mind as you transition through life changes

1. Moving home

Often people need to leave their old home before moving into their new one. During this period, renting a storage unit for personal belongings can be beneficial, as it saves you the worry of where to store your belongings and the need to pack and transport with each move. In addition, moving to smaller homes or downsizing can kick-start the process of getting rid of certain belongings. To avoid rushing this stage and making rash decisions, a storage unit can buy you time and space to make good decisions about your personal items. 

2.Renovating your home 

Refurbishing your home is an exciting time, but it raises the question, what do you do with your belongings? To avoid damage to furniture during the renovation, many people rent a storage unit. Short-term rental is an ideal cost-effective solution as you can renew it every month until your home improvements are complete.  

3. Decluttering your space 

Decluttering your space should not mean discarding your treasured possessions. Renting out a storage unit is economical and convenient when you need to lighten your living space and store surplus goods, especially if you’re not ready to throw anything away. It is ideal for seasonal items like; Christmas or Halloween decorations. 

4. Business storage 

If you are a small business owner with supplies or inventory that needs its own designated space, getting a storage unit is a perfect solution, as opposed to cluttering your home or renting out an expensive warehouse. Additionally, you don’t have to limit your business because of space – as it grows, so can your storage unit. 

5. Car storage

If you live in a flat, apartment or house with no space for your car or motorcycle collection, renting a secure storage unit is a wise option. Providing you with the space you need to keep your petrol-head passion burning.

6. Student storage

During the summer break, many students face the dilemma of where to store dorm room furniture. Renting a storage unit takes the hassle out of transporting college items and finding storage space at home. A good tip is to find a storage unit close to the campus and ensure you start looking a month in advance as it may get booked out closer to the holiday. 

How can Stock and Lock help?

Here at Stock N Lock, we offer state-of-the-art facilities that cater to your personal storage needs. We have self storage units in Kidderminster, Stonehouse and Worcester of many different sizes, ranging from 10 sq ft to 600 sq ft. To make your life easier and your valuables accessible, we operate 365 days a year from 6 am to 10 pm. Your goods are safe and secure in our facilities with individually alarmed units, PTI access control and digital 24-hour CCTV. 

Whatever your storage needs, it is reassuring to know that there are solutions to ease your mind and free your time to deal with the precious moments in life.