The victims of a house fire in Elgar Avenue which destroyed all their possessions are said to be overwhelmed by people’s generosity.

People have rallied around a father and two sons – named locally as Kevin, Nathan and Ryan – whose home was devastated by fire in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Dawn Jones, of Cotswold Road, Malvern, took to the Worcester News and Malvern Gazette Facebook pages to appeal for donations and storage space.

The 41-year-old has been amazed by readers’ response and managed to get clothes and furniture as well as storage and a games console within 24 hours.

“Everyone has pulled together and we have literally got everything to set them up again when they move into their flat.

“There has been so many offers of help, my phone has not stopped ringing and my Facebook inbox is full of offers of help.

“We particularly wanted to get the boys a games console because they have lost theirs and Nathan’s face when he was given a PS4 was amazing.

“What happened to them was one of the worst things imaginable – a house fire is my worst nightmare.

“They are overwhelmed by the response – people have been so generous and supportive.

“Kevin has been through a lot and I think today it has hit him and he is so grateful.

“I wasn’t expecting so much support and it reassures you that however you might struggle the community will come together to support you.”

Mrs Jones said all they were hoping for now is a couple of televisions for the family to watch and play their computer games on.

Mrs Jones thanked everyone who has helped including Lara, Archie, Jess, Melissa and Emma and Anita as well as Stock N Lock, Weir Lane, Worcester who offered storage space.

Sonny Poole, from Powick, read the appeal for a games console on the Worcester News website and happily donated a PS4.

He said: “It literally broke my heart hearing the lads lost their games consoles, I’m a 24 year old lad who’s always loved gaming and still do.

“I can’t imagine that happening [a house fire] but it is so nice to see Worcester and Malvern all pulling together.”