Cathedral Village Self Storage explain the essential packaging supplies that will aid you in your storage journey.

When you are packing your valuable belongings into a self storage unit, it is important that you are organized and careful about the way the things are being stored. Some people make the mistake of shoving everything into any boxes without taking the time to care for each item, and the result is a mess in the storage unit and the possibly of fragile items getting broken. If you are moving your things into a storage unit, it is best to plan ahead to get a few packing supplies that will set you up for success. These are some the essentials that you need, many of which we stock at Cathedral Village Self Storage:

  • Different Box Sizes: Don’t make the mistake of only buying one size of box, because you will find that certain items require unique storage requirements. It can be very helpful to have smaller and bigger boxes to accommodate different items. For example, the smaller size boxes might be perfect for heavy, fragile items such as crystal ware or glass décor. There are also specialty boxes with dividers for glasses and or other items.
  • Packing Tape: Most people find that they run out of packing tape halfway through the packing process. Buy a few extra rolls to save yourself another trip to the store. Use the tape to secure both the bottom and top of each box to keep your personal belongings safe inside.
  • Bubble Wrap: Skip the Styrofoam packing peanuts and choose bubble wrap instead. Packing peanuts cause a mess, and they don’t secure the items very well. On the other hand, bubble wrap can be fitted perfectly to the items that need to be protected, so that you have the peace of mind knowing that your fragile pieces are protected.
  • Furniture and Mattress Covers: Your furniture items can’t be stored in a box, but you still need to protect them while they are sitting in storage. You can find large covers that are designed specifically to protect furniture and mattresses. Another option is to buy a large roll of packing cellophane, which can be wrapped around dressers and doors to keep things from swinging open when they are being moved.
  • Black Marker: The boxes will be hard to sort through if you don’t have everything labeled! Buy a big black marker that can be used to write on the side of each box, so that you know what is stored inside.

Bonus Tip: If you want to know exactly where everything is stored, consider putting together an organization system to label the boxes as you are packing them. Simply write a number on the side of each box, and then keep a list on a piece of paper documenting the contents of each box number. When you need to access something specific, you can refer to your list to know which box you are searching for.