Welcome to Stock N Lock Kidderminster, our biggest self storage facility yet, reaching 4 storeys and spanning a mammoth 60 000sqft of lettable storage space with 700 spacious storage units. It’s innovative, ambitious and set to change the self storage game in the UK. 

Self storage with a view

Nestled in Worcestershire’s countryside with expansive views of the Severn Valley Railway, this state-of-the-art self storage facility pulls out all the stops to offer a world-class experience. It shares a county with our first-ever storage facility in Worcester and represents our further expansion into the West Midlands of England. When we established our Worcester storage facility in 2012, it sparked our close-knit bond with the community and piqued our interest in this magnificent county.  

Now, with our new storage units in Kidderminster, we’re going back to our roots and our support network. It’s a fantastic opportunity to use our local knowledge to serve the Kidderminster community and provide affordable and secure self storage units

“Finest” self storage with award-winning status

For us, the customer journey is integral to our success – it acts as our compass, ensuring we deliver only the best service to our customers. It’s why we’ve been labelled as one of the “finest” storage facilities in the country by the UK Self Storage Association and bagged multiple awards since day one. Now, as the doors open to our Kidderminster location, we can promise that it will continue to uphold this stellar reputation and service to the community. 

Reaching ambitious goals with Kidderminster storage

Stock N Lock Kidderminster is a strong indication that we’re reaching our long-term goals, which places growth at the centre. It shows that we’re overcoming one of the greatest barriers to entry in the Self Storage Industry – which is finding new sites or land to expand. We feel extremely lucky that we uncovered a perfect spot in an area well-known to us that we completely love, thanks to its welcoming people and culture.

Business storage, personal storage & car storage

For those looking for business storage, the entire ground floor of our Kidderminster facility is dedicated to your hustle. It boasts wide aisles for easy access in and out of the facility and features a trendy breakout area to take breaks and even hold meetings. We haven’t forgotten about our personal storage customers either. We’re offering our largest-ever variety of storage room sizes from 15sqft (small shed size) to 600sqft (triple garage size), ensuring we can accommodate any storage need no matter how big or small. 

Perhaps the most cutting-edge feature in our Kidderminster facility is our storage for cars. It’s time to say hello to the future of self storage as each unit offers charging points for electric vehicles. Talk about game-changing!

Even though our storage in Kidderminster is setting a new self storage standard, you can still enjoy a warm reception room with complimentary WiFi and refreshments, just like our Worcester and Stonehouse facilities. 

Unlock special offers with our Kidderminster storage units

Just when you thought our storage units in Kidderminster couldn’t get any better – we’ve thrown in exclusive special offers. Securing a self storage unit here will halve the first 2 months of your monthly rental fees, making it perfect for those requiring short-term self storage for less than 6 months. If long-term storage is on your radar, we’ve got you covered, too, with a permanent 20% discount off your monthly fees for the entirety of your stay. This offer is perfect if you require storage for 6 months or longer.

We are fully committed to our new Kidderminster flagship location and believe it will provide the local community with a facility they can be proud of while also delivering an affordable, reliable, award-winning self storage service. If Kidderminster is a little too far for you, check out our self storage in Worcester and Stonehouse. These facilities have established us as a reputable name in the industry and helped us grow our brand. 

Contact our team today for more details on our new state-of-the-art storage facility in Kidderminster, as well as our Worcester and Stonehouse storage facilities.. You can also easily request your free quote if our storage solutions sound like your place to make extra space!