Did you know that moving home is one of the primary reasons people use secure self storage units? In fact, it’s actually why Stock N Lock is here today! It was established a decade ago by our Founder and Owner who came across the concept of self storage purely by coincidence during his move to a new home. He recalls the move being marked by overwhelming stress as the big day drew closer. With the boxes piling up and never-ending packing consuming hours of each day, he discovered self storage and quickly became fascinated by the peace of mind and organisation a little bit of extra space offered.

The storage facility that set us up for success

This fascination, fuelled by the desire to make moving day a little easier for everyone, spurred the development of Stock N Lock’s first storage facility in the booming city of Worcester in the county of Worcestershire. A decade later, it continues to serve this incredible community with state-of-the-art storage units that range in size from a compact 10sqft to a massive 300sqft. 

Soon after its establishment, Stock N Lock built a strong bond with its customers that continues today. We’ve learnt that self storage is so much more than a temporary solution during a house move. It’s versatile and helps many people from all walks of life. Needless to say we are passionate about self storage. For us, it’s much more than just providing a space-saving service – it’s an invaluable resource that remains by your side as you go through life. All the ups, downs and everything in between.

A team with an award-winning attitude 

This sentiment runs through our small but dynamic team, and it has helped make Stock N Lock a roaring success today. So much so that we have been racking up awards since the very beginning, bagging reputable titles from the Self Storage Association UK (SSA). For two years in a row, Stock N Lock was named the Best UK Facility, and our Store Manager, Ryan, was named the Best Manager in 2019.

Demand for our storage units leads to magnificent growth 

With the Worcester storage facility leading by example, the demand for Stock N Lock storage units quickly grew to a point where the company had to expand further. In 2018, a new branch opened its doors to an excited community in Stonehouse, spanning 13 500sqft of lettable storage space with 200 units. This is Stock N Lock’s smallest facility yet, but it’s ideal for this quaint town in the Stroud District of Gloucestershire, which is home to just over 10 000 residents. Worcester, on the other hand, spans a massive 48 000sqft with 700 units.

These two world-class storage units are now joined by a new flagship branch in Kidderminster, a vibrant town in Worcestershire. It’s our largest facility to date, boasting 60 000sqft of lettable storage space, reaching 4-storeys high and matching the same number of units as the Worcester branch. The response to Stock N Lock Kidderminster has been fantastic as daily enquiries pour in from residents.

Plans for expansion

For those wondering where Stock N Lock is planning to go next, we have the details! In the next 10 years, the goal is to double in size and grow the brand into new locations. 

Store Manager, Ryan revealed the following about the growth plans:

“We’re always looking to incorporate new technologies and fine-tune our customer journey to make the storage experience the best it can be for our local communities. We understand that we offer so much more than just self storage, our customers rely on use for peace of mind, stability and support as they go through life. It’s our duty to deliver and put a smile on their faces even when they’re going through tough situations. This is what motivates us every day and gives us purpose. 

Stock N Lock is your place to make space, no matter your journey. Our storage units give you the extra room you need to grow, downsize, declutter, travel, restart, and so much more. For more details on our state-of-the-art storage facilities, contact our friendly and helpful team today or request your free quote now if this sounds like the right place for you.