When it comes to finding a safe and convenient space to store all of your belongings during a move or when decluttering your home, self-storage offers a practical solution. In this guide, we will look into the different factors that influence self-storage costs, specifically in our Kidderminster facility.

Whether you’re a homeowner preparing for a move or just seeking additional space, understanding the ins and outs of self-storage pricing can help you find a storage space that is right for you and fits within your budget.

Before we dive into pricing, let’s take a look at the different factors that influence the cost of self-storage:


Self-storage costs can vary based on the facility’s location. What it mainly boils down to is the supply and demand of the specific area. Areas with higher population densities tend to present higher rental rates due to the limited spacing that is available. Additionally, facilities that are situated in prime locations such as close to busy town centres and transportation hubs, can also have an influence on their pricing.

Unit Size and Storage Type

Larger unit sizes will naturally involve higher prices due to the bigger capacity that they provide. Likewise, smaller units don’t offer as much space so will be a more affordable option.

Additional Requirements

Traditional self-storage facilities offer a range of additional perks, from ground floor units with easy accessibility to 24/7 access. The level of care that your self-storage requires will directly influence the rental rates.

Estimated prices

Each self-storage is unique, providing you with tailored solutions for your ideal requirements. This diversity makes it difficult to establish an exact standardised price without a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs.

Here are the weekly and monthly prices for our most popular rooms. These are subject to change and do not include any additional offers. However, this is just to give you an idea of self-storage cost and help with budgeting:

Time50 sq. ft.75 sq. ft.100 sq. ft.
Weeklyfrom £24.23from £33.46from £36.92
Monthlyfrom £105from £145from £160

For any more information or additional pricing, please click the link to get a quote from the website here.

Popular storage choices for first-time users

For self-storage newbies, certain unit types tend to be popular choices due to their versatility and convenience:

Standard Units

Ideal for homeowners and movers, standard storage units provide ample space for furniture, appliances, and boxes. Standard units are available in various sizes, allowing users to choose the one that best accommodates their belongings.

Vehicle Storage

Many first-time users also seek storage solutions for their vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and vans. It’s a secure solution to keep your vehicle safe when not in use. This is also beneficial for homeowners who have limited garage and/ or street space to park.

Short-Term Storage

You can take up storage for as little as 7 days so no need for long-term agreements and offering much more flexibility. We can also offer a fantastic discount of 50% off your first 2 months, subject to a 2 month stay.

Long-term Storage

If you are looking to stay with us for 6 months or longer, then we offer a brilliant long-term Storer discount of 20% off per calendar month – perfect if you are going to be with us for a while!


If you are feeling uncertain about which self-storage unit suits your needs best, you are not alone. Our team at Stock N Lock is here to provide expert guidance and help you choose the perfect storage solution.

Finding the right fit for all of your belongings can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to self-storage. Get in touch here, and we’ll gladly assess your requirements, offering recommendations tailored to your situation.