Things to do before moving house

If you’ve decided to make space in your home, use our simple checklist. Planning well in advance will make the process of moving your items into storage easy and stress-free.

  • Start by talking to us about packaging and storage supplies. We have a specialised range of clever packaging to suit everyone’s different needs, for example, portable wardrobes, four different sizes of boxes with tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, mattress and sofa covers.
  • Create a list of what you want to self store and check what needs to be packaged before being stored, so that you can collect all the packaging supplies you need in advance. Our professional and friendly staff are here to give advice, so call or pop in to discuss your packaging and storage requirements.
  • You may want to dismantle some furniture before putting it in storage – items like wardrobes and book cases will take up less space if they are flat-packed. Be sure to put the screws and nuts and bolts in a plastic bag and Sellotape the bag to the furniture.
  • Check if anything contains liquids or fluids – these may need to be drained before packing or storing.
  • Make sure that filing cabinets drawers and cupboard doors are secure so that they do not create problems in transit. It may make your life easier to remove the contents of your furniture for transit and replace them once you arrive at Stock N Lock.
  • For electrical items that contain batteries, make sure you remove any batteries before storing, as they may leak and damage your items.

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