The stress of a house move can drive even the most organised people a little insane as the moving boxes start to pile up while an endless number of household items pour out of every cupboard. Even with extensive preparation, moving day can undoubtedly be the stuff of nightmares! At Stock N Lock, we want you to feel at ease during this transition – after all, moving house should be an exciting time that marks the start of a new chapter. 

You may be moving into your forever home, leaping into independence with the first place to call your own, or growing your family in a new location with great schools. Whatever your reason for moving, we’re here to make this big transition as easy and stress-free as possible.

Our affordable, safe and secure self storage units help you tackle a house move in the most efficient way possible. They give you the freedom to gradually pack each part of your home in advance, with a clear system in place. 

Need more guidance? We have all the details on how to approach the big house move with self storage by your side. 

Two months from moving day: Get a head start on packing 

We recommend tackling the packing process at least two months in advance by first identifying all your rarely used items and packing these away first in moving boxes. A self storage unit makes preparing in advance possible by providing extra space to store your packed boxes – so they’re ready and waiting on moving day. This is also a great time to start decluttering because the last thing you want to do is to cart unnecessary items into your storage room and new home. 

One month from moving day: Secure your moving company 

At the one-month mark, you need to start deciding on the moving company you’re hiring. Begin by researching the moving companies in the area and make sure they’re licensed and insured. Before shortlisting suitable options, check out their reviews on Google and social media pages. Once you’ve completed your due diligence, compile a list of at least three possible removal companies and request quotes on the moving costs. 

Once you’ve found a reputable moving company that ticks all your boxes, don’t waste time and book them immediately before their schedule fills up! Tip: If you live in a flat or estate, check if there are any parking restrictions or limitations on the size of vehicles that can enter the premises. 

Two weeks before moving day: Complete packing and slow down on buying food

Two weeks leading up to your house move is probably the busiest as this is the time to pack all your belongings that are moving with you to your new place. Pack them in sturdy moving boxes and label them with the destination room to make unpacking much easier. These can go straight into your self storage unit until the big day arrives. And if you don’t think these will fit into your new home, you can keep them in storage for as long as you require. 

Tip: If you buy too much food from this point onwards, it probably won’t be finished by the time moving day arrives. It’s best to cook all the frozen food in your freezer first so these won’t have to be transported to your new place. Only buy what you need when it comes to perishables. 

The final countdown: 1 week to go 

With just 7 days to go, the final process of packing all the items not stored away in self storage should begin now. And don’t forget to pack a box full of essentials you will need on your first night in your new place, like a change of clothes, blankets, snacks, and toiletries. You also need to ring your moving company or drop them an email to confirm the date, time, location and provide any directions they may need. As the week winds down, tick these items off your to do list:

  • Get your laundry done to prevent carrying dirty clothes to your new home
  • Pack all your important documents and valuables in a separate box to prevent them getting misplaced
  • Empty and defrost your fridge and freezer 

Don’t forget the utilities 

Another essential task often overlooked in this rush is transferring utilities like gas, electricity, water and internet. Let your utility service providers know the date you’re moving out of your existing property and the date you’re moving into your new place, along with the address. Give them at least 48 hours’ notice so they can accurately calculate your last bill. 

Tip: Before you leave, don’t forget to take a metre reading both at your existing property and when you arrive at your new home – this safeguards you from paying for electricity and gas you haven’t consumed. 

The big day arrives 

On moving day, your life will be made so much easier knowing your belongings are neatly packed in your storage unit with only the essential boxes and items in the home you’re moving from. When the moving van is loaded, all that’s left to do before you leave is one last check of the property. 

Release the old home and ease into a new home with the help of self storage

With secure self storage by your side as you move home, this enables you to start packing months in advance while giving you more room in your current home, so you’re not tripping over moving boxes. Plus, a neater home allows you to stage it better, attracting more potential buyers and increasing the chances of a quick sale. 

It is also a life-saver after you move into your new place because it gives you time to settle in, especially if the home needs repairs or upgrades. You can gradually unpack your new home once you’re done with these improvements. And since we offer short and long-term contracts, you can rent a storage unit from as little as a week to as long as a lifetime, ensuring you always have a little extra space and a safe place for all your valuables for however long you wish.

Storage tailored to you means the ultimate flexibility amid last minute changes 

As you can see, secure self storage is all about convenience and a smooth transition during a move, but there are so many other perks just waiting for you to discover. We all know that things can change at the drop of a hat, and it’s not promised that move-out and move-in dates will coincide, even if you planned it in such a way. But thanks to the unmatched flexibility of self storage, you can tailor it to suit your changing needs. 

This means you can effortlessly change your storage move-in and move-out dates or extend the length of stay if plans go in a different direction. Even amid all the last minute changes, your belongings will be safe and secure while you wait to move into a new place. What’s more, you can even increase or decrease the size of your storage unit depending on your requirements. When moving house, expect the unexpected by investing in flexible self storage with Stock N Lock for your ultimate peace of mind. 

Moving home without a new one to move into? Self storage has your back 

Moving out of a home before securing a new one is undoubtedly a daunting experience. It can happen for several reasons, from your home getting sold at lightning speed at an auction sale – or if you’re waiting for an off-plan development to confirm licences for occupation. Regardless of the reasons, moving out of one home without another home to move into can literally leave you out in the cold. Even if you’re staying with family or friends during this period, they may only have space for you on the couch, but your furniture, appliances, clothing and other belongings need their own space. 

Fortunately, secure storage bridges the gap by providing a safe haven for all your belongings, especially bulky items like sofas, beds and cupboards. With your belongings safely tucked away, it allows you to be more fluid with temporary arrangements.

Our packing supplies shop 

To make the best of your self storage experience with us, we have a fully stocked packing supplies shop to ensure all your belongings are packed securely during transit and protected from the elements while in storage. 

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